300x250 Thundershirt Banner

From the inception of, we decided not to promote the use of costumes for dogs or anything that might cause a health and safety concern for dogs. We also decided to make sure that any products we do advertise have been tried by us first.

When a friend told me about Thundershirts® and that she wanted to get one for one of her small dogs because of excessive barking, I check out the site and ordered one. I found it very easy to put on my dogs.

I wrote about Stella with my article on liability and dogs on the Home page. I wanted to see if it would have a calming effect when I walked her. At first, I wasn’t so sure. Then, I adjusted the fit and made it more snug. We walked by my neighbors with their two dogs at whom she usually barks. This time, she just looked at them.

Upon returning home, I put it on Angel who is stressed out by Thunderstorms and loud noises. She usually starts playing with the other dogs after their walks. This time, she sat and then laid down in the hallway for about 15 minutes. As soon as I removed the Thundershirt® she started playing with them.

Then, I put it try it on Danny who is nervous when I use the vacuum or fold sheets. At 14 ½, she moves very quickly when I start either of them. Today, I was able to fold the sheets and she didn’t leave the room. A good start.

Is the Thundershirt® going to resolve your dog’s anxiety issues? I can’t guarantee it, but the website does have useful training tips to go along with using the Thundershirt®. Remember, when I made it a more snug fit, it was more effective.

300x250 Thundershirt Banner