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Hooray!! Pet shop owner “sees the light” and stops selling from puppy mills.

In this economy, most business owners would never stop selling a product that was bringing in 50 percent or more of its income. However, that is precisely what Rene Karapedian did with his pet store, PetRush in Glendale, California.(Click for full article)

Oxygen Masks to be Carried by Firefighters in Orange County, California

ANAHEIM – Every fire engine and truck operated by the Orange County Fire Authority will now carry oxygen masks for household pets – thanks to a donation from an Anaheim pet owner whose rescued dog was displaced in a wildfire. (Click for full article)

Glendale, California’s Ordinance Banning Puppy Sales in Pet Stores

City Council of Glendale, CA unanimously voted to end the sale of puppies in pet stores with the following ordinance. Irvine, CA also voted to do the same. Download the Glendale ordinance and give it to your local Council members to get a similar ban in your community. (Click here for Ordinance)