Preservatives in Some Commercial Dog Foods


Preservatives Used in Some Commercial Dog Foods

(This excerpt is printed here with the kind permission of its author, Dr. Shawn Messonnier, D.V.M. in his book 8 Weeks To A Healthier Dog. Dr. Messonnier’s veterinarian practice, Paws and Claws Animal Hospital is in Plano, Texas.)

You should read dog food labels carefully to avoid foods with the following chemicals and additives.
These are some of the common preservatives in commercial dog Foods.

BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole): This is a chemical preservative and antioxidant that, whole generally regarded as safe in low concentrations, may cause allergic reactions and affect your dog’s liver and kidney.

BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene): Although this preservative and antioxidant is believed to be generally safe, it may cause liver and kidney problems.

Ethoxyquin: Depending on the dosage, this preservative, rubber hardener, insecticide, and pesticide may cause cancer.

Ethylenediamine: This solvent, urinary acidifier, and color promoter can irritate the skin and mucus membranes and may cause asthmatic reactions and skin rashes.

Sodium metabisulphite: Another chemical preservative, sodium metabisulphite has caused weakness, loss of consciousness, difficulty swallowing, and brain damage in people.

Sugar, sorbital, ethylene glycol, and propylene glycol: These preservatives and sweeteners may contribute to diabetes and obesity.

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