Cedar Oil Products


I had heard about Cedar oil products on numerous radio programs and then I checked out the website. The research was impressive as was the note that the U.S. Army had requested a non-toxic way to get rid of sand fleas for use in Iraq. Like all products featured on PawPassion.org, we tried it first before so we could see if it works as well as it said.

I used it for flea control with all three of my dogs. I had particularly wanted to use a non-toxic flea control method on my alpha who is 14 ½. Not only did I find it effective, but one day, when wasps were building a nest on my back patio close to where my dogs relax, I knocked it down. The wasps came back the next day to the same spot and started to rebuild. The sprayed the area with Cedar Oil and they never came back. They did go to another area of the patio overhang and I sprayed that too. That was the end of their building efforts near the patio last summer.

A friend had a problem with flies on her older dog as she was sleeping in the sun.. She started spraying the Cedar oil on her before letting her go outside. The flies stayed away even on the hottest of days.